There are millions of patients in the world who have one or more chronic diseases.

GESTCRONIC® is Domotics Healthcare software to help Patients of various specialties to correctly manage their diseases. It is a software made specifically to control Biological Parameters under various conditions. We are talking about minimum and maximum blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar control, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, the INR index of blood coagulation, pulse oximetry, and spirometry.

GESTCRONIC®, equipped with the most useful tools on the market today, will control by means of an alarm system that these parameters are at their appropriate levels. Likewise, the orderly repetition of measurements, and a medical statistic, will make up the GESTCRONIC® tools.

The GESTCRONIC® 1.0 version will launch a series of later versions that will definitely help the chronically patients in the day to day of their ailments.

The GESTCRONIC 2.0 version deals with clinical laboratory data obtained from the urine of patients. There may be patients who switch between version 1.0 and version 2.0.

The GESTCRONIC 3.0 version collects the information destined for the air transmission parameters, and which is also followed by the alarm systems as in GESTCRONIC 1.0 and GESTCRONIC 2.0.

Finally, the GESTCRONIC 4.0 version tries to alert about various dermatology images that may be useful for the patient. And they are also classified into two levels of alarms, before which you should or should not go to the specialist doctor.


Domotica Healthcare, Home Health Care, makes available to its users, the new version of the Gestcronic 1.0 Software to help control patients with various chronic diseases.

This program is carried out under the protection of the privacy directives of the Kingdom of Spain (organic law 3/2018 of December 5, protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights and patient autonomy law 41/2002 of November 14)