It is a natural fatty substance that is in all the cells of the human body. It occurs in the liver, but also through the digestion of some foods.

Low-density cholesterol (LDL) is responsible for transporting new cholesterol from the liver to all the cells in our body.

High-density cholesterol (HDL) collects unused cholesterol and returns it to the liver for storage or excretion to the outside through bile.

It is measured by pricking peripheral blood on a finger.

Total Cholesterol

Normal: less than 200 mg / dl, Normal-High: Between 200 and 240 mg / dl, High: more than 240 mg / dl

LDL Cholesterol

Normal: less than 100 mg / dl, Normal-High: 100 to 160 mg / dl, High: More than 160 mg / dl

HDL Cholesterol

Normal: Higher than 35 mg / dl in men and 40 mg / dl in women